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Welcome to Mgbeke Village Hut 🛖 – Home of the best, healthy, traditional, authentic, rich, delightfully tasty, and exclusive homemade Nigerian cuisines!

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For our Special VIPs, everything we make is 100% fresh and specially customized to your preference and taste. With us, you can order whatever, and however you crave your Nigerian soups and dishes – We will make them fresh and delicious just the way you like them! Call us now or click the button below to place your order.

There are also meals for our customers with health challenges, people on a weight loss program, or customers who want something very special. We are here to meet your needs. Place a call to us now.


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10:00 am – 10:00pm


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We are very fast, and we do not waste time or keep our customers hungry. You can count on us!

Delivery and Pickup Available! Pickup is FREE! Delivery is $20.00 at a flat rate.

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Everything we make is 100% fresh and specially customized to your preference and taste.


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The customer service is the first thing I’d like to mention, it was stellar! Mgbeke even offered to make real pounded yam on a special order.
The attention paid to the food presentation was best-in-class.
Now to the food. The quality and quantity are Michelin-star worthy if that rating scale were to be applied to Nigerian food. The goat meat was tasty and tender, the beef well flavored and even the chicken was well marinated. The Jollof rice was amongst the best I’ve had.

All-in-all, I’d recommend.

Oladimeji Ajia

First time trying food at this place
Excellent services, delicious food, especially liked the drink, it has an interesting taste and perfectly complements the taste of the food!
Worth a try, especially if you like spicy food!

Efim G

Mgbeke Village Hut is our favorite African in the Austin area.
From the food ordering process, to the service and the quality of the food is top rated.
The consistency of the food quality, the generous portions provided and the remarkable food presentation makes this restaurant stand out from many in the area. Eating food from this place makes me feel like I’m back home.
I will highly recommend Mgbeke as your go to restaurant for all your tasty African food orders, as it is for us.
The jollof, with Panla fish, is the best I’ve had in all of Texas.

Brocks Jim

What else to say? Yum!Yum!
Oh… it took a little while to deliver. And I understand, you order before they cook.
Will recommend 100%.

Koudjo Nuasi

Food is AMAZING!!! One of the best Egusi (forgot to take pics I went right in lol) I ever had. And i had the plantains..sooo good. Great service and each meal had amazing flavor and taste.I’m forever a customer!!!! 10/10

Hawa Johnson

I had the pleasure of dining at Mgbeke Village Hut and it greatly exceeded my expectations. The rice was the best I’ve ever tasted, perfectly cooked and bursting with flavors. The service was outstanding, and the attention to detail showcased their commitment to quality. The homemade feel and authentic flavors made it an amazing experience. You could tell that every dish was prepared with love and passion, using the finest ingredients. I absolutely love Mgbeke Village Hut and highly recommend this place. You won’t be disappointed.

Mike Lee

Stellar service and food! I was really impressed by the warm service I received from the nice lady I spoke with over the phone. The meals were really tasteful and the presentation were nothing short of amazing. I’ve been searching around for an authentic Nigeria restaurant/food vendor and I’m so glad to have finally found one 😊

Gift Madu

My sis just wanted us to try out any Nigerian cuisine around, can’t believe they made everything we ordered from the scratch,same day and still made the delivery time! The okro soup,oha soup and the yam sauce were amazing with all the soft orishirishi they were garnished with. You’ve sure won yourself a lot of customers from me. Thanks for being hospitable as well.

Aramide Hellenah